Bolcom All-Terrain 4×4 String Quartet Festival

William Bolcom’s 12th String Quartet is the result of a commission by Peak Performances at Montclair State University for the Shanghai Quartet, and will receive its World Premiere on April 2, 2017 in Montclair, New Jersey in a special Bolcom mini-festival focused squarely on the intersection of the composer and the string quartet genre. Called the All Terrain String Festival: Bolcom 4×4, it is described by critic Ronni Reich: “Fitting itself to Bolcom’s ability to veer off the road of classical tradition while upholding his elastic yet exacting technique, the festival will feature ensembles that follow suit: the Harlem Quartet, the Chiara String Quartet, the Arditti Quartet, and the Shanghai Quartet.” The four-concert festival takes place at the Alexander Kasser Theatre on the campus of MSU on March 31, April 1 (2 concerts and a Mingle With the Musicians dinner available to the public) and April 2.

The Harlem Quartet performs Three Rags for String Quartet on 3/31, the Chiara and Shanghai Quartets join together for the Octet: Double Quartet in the afternoon of April 1, followed in the evening by the Arditti Quartet performing the Quatuor a Cordes (String Quartet No. 8) for only the third time in its history, that Bolcom wrote in 1965 while in Paris for the Quatuor Max Bigot. The new 12th Quartet follows by the Shanghai on the evening of April 2.

Marks Music released Bolcom’s first seven string quartets (1950-1964) in 2015-16 for the first time ever.

This sensational festival is not to be missed. Tickets and more are here.

March 7, 2017