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Marks Music is the licensor of numerous major operatic and musical theater works.

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Hal Leonard Corporation

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Theodore Presser Company

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Alice in Wonderland Gaul, Harvey
The Beggar's Opera 1111 ASax 0110 1Pc Hp Str Gay, John
A Betrothal Mezzo-soprano, Baritone, Piano Fuchs, Kenneth
Blue Mountain 3(2Pi,Alto)2(EH)5(Eb,A,Bs,Ctbs)2 Asx TSx 433Euph1 3Perc Harp Pno/Cel Vln(1) Cbs(1) Dello Joio, Justin
Casino Paradise 13 singers, Band: 3Reed, 1Brass, 2Kbd, 1Pc Bolcom, William
Casino Paradise (Cabaret Version) 3 or 4 singers, 2 Keyboards Bolcom, William
Cecilia Valdes 6 Soloists: Sop 2M-s Ten Bar HighVoice, SATB Chorus, 2(Pi)222 4331 Timp 3-6Pc Pno Hp Str Roig, Gonzalo
Dinner At Eight 9 Singers, Orchestra Bolcom, William
Dreaming of Wonderland 7 principals and Orchestra [2121 2110 Pc Kybd Str] Romero, Manly
Dynamite Tonite EbCl(Cl, BsCl), Alto Sax, Ten Sax, Bar Sax, Tpt(Flg), Tbn, Vln, Vc, ElGtr(BsGtr), 1Pc, Pno(Org) Bolcom, William
Geografoof 11 Medium Voices, Chamber Orchestra: 1121 1110 Pc Str Gorney, Jay
The Great Nebula in Orion Soprano, Mezzo-soprano, Piano Fuchs, Kenneth
Henny Penny 6 children singers: Smallest child (boy or girl), 2 girls, 2 boys, 1 older boy, 1 Narrator, Chamber Orchestra: 1021 1221 Timp Pc Str Fitelberg, Jerzy
The Hither and Thither of Danny Dither 112(or2saxes)1 Asax Tsax 2320 Pc Pno(2nd Pno ad lib) Str[22011] North, Alex
Lucrezia 5 singers (Sop M-s Ten Bar Bs-Bar), 2 Pianos Bolcom, William
Maria la O 2(Pi)221 4331 Timp 3-5Pc Pno Hp Str Lecuona, Ernesto
McTeague 14 singers: Sop 2M-S 2Ten 2Bar 2Bass BoySop Barbershop Quartet, Orchestra: 3(Pi Alto)3(EH)3(Eb A Bs)3(Cbsn) 43(Pi Flg)31 Timp 4Pc Hp Kbd Str Bolcom, William
Montezuma 3343 4431 Timp Pc Pno Cel Hp Str Sessions, Roger
Montezuma Libretto Sessions, Roger
The Play of Robin and Marion Violin, Cello, Flute, Clarinet, Sax Milhaud, Darius
Songs of Innocence and of Experience 5-10 soloists: Sop M-S Contr Ten Bar Bs BoySopr Country/Rock/Folk singers, 3 Choruses: SATB, Madrigal, Children's, Orchestra: 3333 2Sax 6553 7Pc Org Pno Hp Gtr ElGtr ElBs 2ElVln(2) Str Bolcom, William
The Tale of Issoumbochi Narrator, Soprano, Flute, Clarinet, Percussion, Piano, Celesta, Cello Ward-Steinman, David
Theatre of the Absurd Live Actor, Taped Actors, Electronic Tapes, Wind Quintet, Piano, Mechanized eyeballs Bolcom, William
The Trial of Lucullus 3 Sop, 1 Alto, 1 Ten, 3 Bari, 1 Bs, 10 small parts, Chorus, Orchestra: 2221 2220 Pno Perc Str Sessions, Roger
A View from the Bridge 12 Soloists: B-Bar 2Bar 2Bs 3Sop 3Ten Alto, Orchestra: 3(Pi)3(EH)3(Eb A Bs)3(Cbsn) 43(Pi)31 Timp 3Pc Hp Kbd Str Bolcom, William
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