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Two Pieces for String Orchestra Williamson, Malcolm
United Artists 2Pi2EH22 4221 Timp 3Pc Hp Str Fuchs, Kenneth
Variations and Epilogue Cello, 2222 2200 Timp Pc Hp Str Lopatnikoff, Nicolai
Variations on a Canadian Folk Song Two Pianos, 2222 2200 Timp Str Chatman, Stephen
Violin Concerto Violin, 2*222 1Sx(Alto/Ten) 2200 Timp 2Pc Str Curtis-Smith, C.
The Wall 3(Pi)333 Sax 4441 Timp Pc Hp Pno Str Jager, Robert
The War Prayer Orchestra, Narrator Jager, Robert
Western Orpheus Violin, 2(Pi)2(EH)22 222(BsTbn)0 Timp 2Pc Hp Pno/Cel Str Ward-Steinman, David
A Whitman Triptych Mezzo-soprano, 3(Pi)3(EH)3(BsCl)3(Cbn) 4331 Timp Pc Hp Pno Str Bolcom, William
Winter Music String Orchestra Peck, Russell
Within the Quota 2(Pi)222 4221 2Pc Pno/Cel Str Porter, Cole
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