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Chamber Symphony 1111 1110 Pc Pno/Cel Str [11111] Hause, Evan
Choral Overture from George M. SATB Chorus, 3222 4331 Pc Str Cohan, George M.
Choreography String Orchestra Dello Joio, Norman
Christmas Carol 1121 2220 Timp Pc Str Dello Joio, Norman
Christmas Music SATB Chorus, 1121 2220 Timp Pc Str Dello Joio, Norman
Chroma I, Op. 21 33(EH)32 4321 Timp Str Tape Trythall, Gilbert
Circus Overture Orchestra Bolcom, William
Clarinet Concerto B-flat Clarinet, Orchestra [3(Pi)2EH2(Eb, BsCl)2Cbn 434(2BsTbn)1 Timp 3Pc Hp Pno/Cel Str] Bolcom, William
Cohan Medley Barbershop Quartet, 2222 4331 Timp 2Pc Hp Str Cohan, George M.
Come To Me, My Love SATB Chorus, 2122 1000 Timp Pc Str Dello Joio, Norman
Commedia 2212 2(or 4)000 Timp Pno Str Bolcom, William
Concert Overture 3222 4331 Timp 2Pc Str Ward-Steinman, David
Concertante Violin, Flute, Oboe, 1132 2100 Hp Str Bolcom, William
Concertino 1(Pi/Alto)1(EH)1(Eb/BsCl)1(Cbn) 2110 Timp Pc Str Sessions, Roger
Concerto Woodwind Quintet, Timpani, String Orchestra Di Domenica, Robert
Concerto for Alto Saxophone and Orchestra Alto Sax, 3222 4230 Timp Pc Hp Str Binge, Ronald
Concerto for Bass Tuba Tuba, Orchestra [3232 4330 Timp Perc Hp Str] Jager, Robert
Concerto for Cello and Orchestra Cello, Orchestra [3333 4331 3Pc Pno/Cel Str] Ward-Steinman, David
Concerto for Euphonium 1(Pi)222 4330 Timp Pc Hp Str Jager, Robert
Concerto for Flute and Orchestra Flute solo, Orch. [1222 4000 Timp Pc Str] Meyerowitz, Jan
Concerto for Left Hand and Orchestra 2Pi2EH2BsCl2Cbn 4331 Timp 3Pc Hp Str Curtis-Smith, C.
Concerto for Marimba and Orchestra in One Movement 5-octave Marimba, 2222 2220 Timp 2Pc Hp Str Hause, Evan
Concerto for Oboe and String Orchestra Solo Oboe, String Orchestra Cionek, Edmund
Concerto for Percussion and Orchestra Percussion, 3232 4231 Hp Str Maves, David
Concerto for Piano And Orchestra Piano and Orchestra Bolcom, William
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