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Concerto for Piano and Orchestra 3333 4231 Timp Pc Str Sessions, Roger
Concerto for Violin and Orchestra 3(Pi/Alto)2(EH)4(Eb/BsCl/Basset)3 4220 Timp Pc Str (no Vlns) Sessions, Roger
Concerto for Violin, Piano and Strings Violin, Piano, String Orchestra Curtis-Smith, C.
Concerto Grosso String Quartet, String Orchestra Fuchs, Kenneth
Concerto Grosso for Dance Band 3222 4331 Timp Pc Str, Dance Band (2ASax BSax 4Tpt 4Tbn Pno Bs Dr) Jager, Robert
Concerto Grosso for Saxophone Quartet and Orchestra Saxophone Quartet, 2(Pi)222 4221 Timp 3Pc Str Bolcom, William
Concerto in D for Violin and Orchestra Violin, 2222 2221 Timp Pc Pno Cel Hp Str Bolcom, William
Concerto No. 2 for Chamber Orchestra 1111 1110 Timp Pc Str Ward-Steinman, David
Concerto-Serenade Violin, String Orchestra Bolcom, William
Construzione 3333 4331 Pc Pno Str Trythall, Richard
Continuums for Orchestra 33(EH)43 4330 Pc Str Trythall, Richard
Contradanza 2222 4331 Timp 3Pc Chorus (opt.) Str Roig, Gonzalo
Cordoba 2222 3Sax 4231 Timp Pc Pno Str Lecuona, Ernesto
Crimson Dream 3(Pi)3(EH)3(BsCl)3(Cbn) 4331 Timp 3Pc Hp Str Chatman, Stephen
A Cry in the Wilderness 223(BsCl)3(Cbn) 4220 Timp Pc Hp Cel Str Ellison, Michael
The Dancing Sergeant 323(BsCl)2 4231 Timp 2Pc Str Dello Joio, Norman
Danza Caribe 33(EH)32 4331 Timp Perc Hp Gtr Str Reed, Alfred
Danza Lucumi 2222 2Sax 4331 Pc Hp Pno Str Lecuona, Ernesto
Deus in Adjutorium 2Soprano, SSATB Chorus, Bassoon, Organ, String Orchestra (3201 or 3111) Pachelbel, Johann
Dialogues for Orchestra 2222 4231 Timp Hp Pno Str MacInnis, Donald
Discover the Wild 3222 4221 Timp 3Pc Hp Str Fuchs, Kenneth
Diversions Viola, Cello, 2222 2220 Timp Pc Str Beglarian, Grant
Divertimento 2222 4230 Timp Pc Str Beglarian, Grant
Divinum Mysterium Viola, 1111 1111 Timp 3Pc Hp Str Fuchs, Kenneth
Dolmen 0201 2000 Str Weber, Ben
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