The Song of Solomon

Subtitle: Le cantique des cantiques
Genre(s): Orchestra, Vocal
Instrumentation: High or Medium Voice and Orchestra [2222 3200 2Pc Pno Hp Str]
Other Versions: Piano Reduction
Composer: Chatman, Stephen
Composer Dates: 1950
Text: French & English
Movements: 1. Quil m'embrasse à pleine bouche! 2. Behold, you are beautiful my love 3. J'entends mon chéri! 4. Arise, my love, my fair one 5. Mon chéri est à moi, et je suis à lui 6. O my dove 7. Nous avons une soeur 8. My beloved is radiant and ruddy
Duration: 10'
Year: 1986
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