The Hawthorn Tree

Genre(s): Chamber, Vocal
Instrumentation: Mezzo-soprano, Flute, Oboe, Viola, Bass, Piano
Other Versions: Mezzo-soprano, Piano
Composer: Bolcom, William
Composer Dates: 1938
Text: Wylie, Smith, Rossetti, Bogan, Cather, Arvio, Carson
Movements: 1. Let No Charitable Hope, 2. Love Me!, 3. Echo, 4. The Dream, 5. The Hawthron Tree, 6. Chagrin, 7. Swimming Aria
Duration: 20'
Year: 2010
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Catalog Number: Selections: HL 117084 or HL 117086; Full vocal score, untransposed: Subito 80602080
Rental Agent: Theodore Presser Company
Licensing: E. B. Marks
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The Concert Songs made in collaboration between the composer and Hal Leonard Corporation contains 4 of the 7 songs chosen by the composer as being compatible with Voice and Piano recital performance, and they are transposed/untransposed per voice type. The Vocal Score is intended only for preparation for performance of the entire work with instruments.