Fields (Hause)

January 19, 2019 @ 7:30 pm – 9:30 pm
Left Coast Chamber Ensemble
University of California

Loren Mach, marimba

The Sound of Nature

Heinrich Biber Sonata Representativa in A Major

George Crumb Mundus Canis for Guitar and Percussion

Evan Hause Fields for Marimba

Kurt Rohde credo petrified for Two Cellos

Clarice Assad The Lumerians for Two Cellos, Percussion, and Cello Choir WORLD PREMIERE

Left Coast presents works celebrating the natural world, including Evan Hause’s Fields, and George Crumb’s A Dog’s Life. And for the premiere of a concerto by Clarice Assad for two cellos and percussion, Left Coast is joined by a cello choir. Assad’s The Lumerians concerns water, climate change and the natural world.

Open seating. Please join us for a pre-concert lecture; details forthcoming.


Anna Presler, violin
Tanya Tomkins, cello
Leighton Fong, cello
Michael Goldberg, guitar
Loren Mach, percussion
and featuring a cello choir

Matilda Hofman, conductor