New Bolcom Concerto Recorded

William Bolcom’s “Concerto for Soprano Saxophone and Band” was composed only a year ago, but has already received multiple performances, with several more upcoming, and a new recording. The World Premiere was given by its primary commissioner (the work is product of a 10-band consortium commission), Arizona State University, with its intrepid and virtuoso saxophone professor, Christopher Creviston and the school’s Wind Symphony under the directorship of Gary Hill. It took place on February 2, 2016. It is that recording that was captured for the present recording on Tresona Multimedia, accessible from the soloist’s website at this link.


Other performers who have already performed the concerto are the University of Oregon (Idit Schner, sax; Rodney Dorsey, cond.), including at OMEA, University of South Carolina (Clifford Leaman, sax; Scott Weiss, cond.), and University of Indiana-Purdue, Fort Wayne (Joseph Lulloff, sax; Daniel Tembras, cond.). Forthcoming are performances by consortium members West Virginia University (Michael Ibrahim, sax; John Hendricks III, cond.), Penn State University (David Stambler, sax; Dennis Glocke, cond.), Hong Kong Wind Philharmonia (Kenneth Tse, sax; Victor Tam, cond.), Bowling Green University (John Sampen, sax; Bruce Moss, cond.), Illinois State University (Paul Nolen, sax; Martin Seggelke, cond.), and on October 13, 2016, Colorado State University (Peter Sommer, sax; Rebecca Phillips, cond.).

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September 21, 2016