“Poems of Life” by Fuchs to Premiere in Virginia

Kenneth Fuchs has composed a song cycle for Countertenor and Cello with Orchestra entitled Poems of Life (poetry by Judith Wolf) which will be premiered by the Virginia Symphony on April 7, 8 and 9. Arryeh Nussbaum Cohen is the soloist, Michael Daniels the cellist, and JoAnn Falletta the conductor. The performances will take place in Newport News, Norfolk and Virginia Beach on the respective dates. For performance information, see our calendar.

About Poems of Life the composer writes:

“Judith G. Wolf ’s expressive poems take us on a memorable journey through everyday life, the support of family and friends, the joy of love, and the pain of grief and loss. I was moved by her work to compose Poems of Life, an orchestral song cycle that sets to music twelve poems from Wolf ’s most recent volume of poetry, Otherwise. The poems weave a narrative of eternal love, the pain of loss through death, emotional transformation through grief, and spiritual enlightenment.

Poems of Life is cast in five separate movements, in each of which the component poems are set continuously. The work is scored for countertenor, the protagonist of the work; solo violoncello, the instrumental doppelgänger of the protagonist’s spirit and emotions; and solo English horn, the spirit of the lost beloved.”

March 30, 2017